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Mid Devon firm Lloyd Maunder has come up with a new twist on the humble banger by launching a new range of chicken sausages, seasoned with ginger and nutmeg.David Carter, shops manager for Lloyd Maunder, said: “Everyone who has tasted the chicken sausages loves them.

“We cooked some as an experiment at the Devon County Show in May and they were such a hit we have now put them into production.

“As well as being fantastically tasty, they are also lower in fat than pork sausages.”

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  1. Susi Yates

    I was interested to learn about the new Chicken sausage as I am looking for a suitable sausage for my wedding breakfast and I don’t eat red meat.

    However, every type I have come across sounds great but the manufacturers put the product into a skin derived from Pork, which of course I don’t eat. Can you please therefore advise me whether your sausages are entirely chicken or if indeed they include any pork derivative.

    Kind regards. Susi

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