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New ‘Hambassador’ paid in pork, bacon and sausages

“Will you now be driving around Billingshurst in a special pork-mobile adorned with pig flags?” Joked friends of Chris Doney on hearing the news he has been appointed a ‘Hambassador’.

“No,” answered the 29 year sausage enthusiast, “but I will be paid in pork, bacon and sausages for year,” he informed his somewhat envious meat mates.

Chris, who joined the British Sausage Appreciation Society a number of years ago with a friend, has now been made an official ‘Hamabassador’ by Jimmy Doherty, famed for TV programmes such as Jimmy’s Food factory, which focuses on food production issues.

As a ‘Hambassador’ Chris now promotes the Red Tractor brand, supporting British farmers and educating people about the quality of the meat the trademark symbol represents.

Reminiscing of great family fry-ups and Sunday roasts growing up, promoting good quality meat and the importance of knowing its provenance is something Chris is proud to do.

However, after a grilling from the County Times, he also admitted he does find his new title ‘quite silly’ and many of his friends are having fun with him.

But Chris, who lives with his wife Natasha and two children, Finley, three, and Florence, one, in Groomsland Drive, Billingshurst, has always been renowned as a bit of a chancer and game for a laugh.

The new pork promoter has previously won other competitions including a showpiece barbecue from Fosters , and he also has his own YouTube channels – probably the main reason he has become one of only four new ‘Hamabssadors’ in the UK.

“On my personal channel I have eaten loads of hot chillies and I have done other silly food challenges like eating a whole lemon, so I have always had a bit of a following,” said Chris.

“Since having my son Finley, we started filming a nice fry-up and when I saw the Hambassador competition I thought it was brilliant.

“They asked what would you do to help promote the brand and I said I currently make these funny videos online and I will make new videos with my son of us making bacon in the morning, and that’s what they really latched on to.”

Chris said he aims to make one or two videos a month, perhaps cooking with granddad or just talking about the Red Tractor brand, all to help British farmers.

And for his efforts he wins a year’s supply of pork which Chris said is ‘amazing’ – although he was initially concerned it would all arrive in one giant consignment.

Full story from WS County Times

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