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Lincoln Sausage and Potato Festival

I was delighted to have the opportunity to attend the Lincoln Sausage and Potato Festival today.

I enjoy riding anywhere on the Triumph Scrambler and riding the Triumph Scrambler to a sausage event is particularly exciting.  From Norfolk’s tree covered roads to the picturesque, flat fens the bike is a pleasure.

I always find the people of Lincolnshire very passionate about their sausages and today was no exception.  Three people stopped me to talk sausages after I had parked the bike before I had even got into the event!  It is always nice to hear people’s opinions and suggestions on where I should be going on my adventures.

The Festival is held in the grounds of Lincoln Castle and beyond in the space between the Castle and Lincoln Cathedral.  The Castle area is mainly potato related and the space between the Castle and the Cathedral is mainly sausage related.

It is rare that so many high quality sausage makers are in one place – this is a sort of sausage heaven!

I was delighted to see all of the sausage makers very busy, Redhill Farm doing a roaring trade both for sausages and haslet.  Pink Pig Organics were in the process of making a warming sausage dish in the saucepan which smelt excellent.  I also got the chance to try some of their traditional pork sausage which was a really meaty and seriously succulent sausage.  These are two sausage makers I can’t wait to spend some more time with!

Neil Curtis of Curtis of Lincoln was doing a brilliant demonstration of sausage stuffing and linking.  I also got the chance to meet the people at Geo Adams and have a chat to them about what they’re up to.  There were several other sausage makers who caught my attention as well as Tom Wood who makes some great beers to go with sausages.

The Cosmic Sausages were also in attendance providing the perfect soundtrack for enjoying the sausages!

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