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King of the Bangers 2010

Last Thursday I was delighted to take up an invitation from the good people at Rate My Sausage to visit Kings Lynn and get involved with King of the Bangers 2010.

The first job of the evening was, very cleverly, to find the worst value sausage! This sounds grim and, to be honest, it was but it showed people what not to expect in the main event!

For me this really was not a pleasant task! I have spent the past ten years or so avoiding this type of sausage! Luckily for me I was joined for judging by Simon Rowe from KLFM who provided interesting conversation and moral support during the economy heat.

Tesco Value sausages came out at the bottom of those sampled by the locals of the Woolpack pub. They managed to score 2 points out of 105! I was surprised they managed to do so well. They were pretty awful. Eating value sausages bought to mind an article which I read in 2007 about a boy who found a milk tooth in his Tesco value sausage!

Then we moved onto the premium bangers. By this time the whole pub was on the edges of their seats waiting to try the finest sausages Kings Lynn can offer. One butcher had even sent a small delegation!

As reflected by the scores the six premium sausages were all very high quality. Thankfully they were all better then the economy entrants. For me there could only be one winner and that was reflected in the scores from everyone else…

Bowers won with a score of 95/105.

You can read a previous review on the Rate My Sausage website here.

The whole King of the Bangers event was very well organised and I was very pleased to get involved. Clearly the regulars of the Woolpack enjoyed it and I look forward to King of the Bangers 2011!

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