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Jimmy’s Farm

Ipswich Super Blue Pork, Pork Apple and Cinnamon, Pannington Breakfast Pork and St George’s English.

Ipswich Super Blue Pork sausage

Neither my wife or I are massive fans of strong blue cheese but this sausage did not disappoint.  The blue cheese adds an almost creamy flavour to the sausage and mixes perfectly with the garlic whilst not overpowering the excellent pork.  This pork is great.  The result is a meaty, succulent sausage with a balanced, excellent flavour

Pork, Apple and Cinnamon

Pork and Apple must be one of the nations favourite sausages and this twist is genius.  If you love good pork and apple sausages you’ll love these. The flavour of the pork still dominates the sausage (as you would hope it would).  However, the apple and cinnamon gives a subtle sweetness that compliments the flavour.

Pannington Breakfast Pork Sausage

This is another truly clever and innovative sausage from Jimmy’s Farm (although the recipe dates back to 1917).  The sausage has a beautiful smokey, rich flavour which is mouthwatering.  The genius at work here is to put the bacon inside the sausage!  Yes, it’s 20% bacon!  The bacon, the other pork, white and black pepper all combine to make something very special.  It would be hard to say which sausage we liked the most from Jimmy’s Farm but this would have to be up there near the top.

St George’s English Sausage

Another recipe from 1917, this sausage has stood up well to the test of time.  The sage in the recipe comes from just over the border in Norfolk and as the Jimmy’s Farm website says this is a “proper British affair”.  We found the sausage to be perfectly coarse with an excellent flavour.  A lunch or dinner sausage perhaps.

Jimmy’s Farm

My wife and six month old son we able to meet some of the pigs and then visit the shop.  It appears to be a very nice place to visit and the sausages are genuinely excellent.  Don’t worry if Suffolk is a bit of a trek for you – they do mail order, see the link above.


About £9.50/KG

Where to buy

Jimmy’s farm


  1. Matthew Anderson

    I would suggest trying the Jimmy’s farm rosemary and garlic sausages which are now stocked in tescos.

    Not because they are good but because they show what happens when a sausage goes bad. Probably the worst tasting sausage I have came across.

    • The Sausage King

      I’ve edited the comment above before publishing it but tried to keep the sentiment the same.

      Have you tried these sausages? What did you think? Sometimes a sausage divides opinions but normally Jimmy’s are pretty good…please let us know what you think by adding a comment below.

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