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Introducing The Sausage Club of Manchester

MANCHESTER is about to get its first ever Sausage Club. Launching Wednesday 30 July at 6.30pm and free to join, the Sausage Club of Manchester is a place where friends and enthusiasts can come together to sample and share their passion for the noble sausage.

Set to launch with a banger, the Sausage Club of Manchester has something unusual planned for the launch event, which will see special guests challenged to make their own sausages from scratch.

Each month the sausage-loving society, hosted by Splendid Sausage Co, on John Dalton Street, will welcome independent guest experts such as artisan butchers and sausage makers who will introduce their chosen guest sausages and discuss what to look for in a great banger.

A sausage sommelier will show guests how to pair the right sausage with the quaffing options – from wine through to beer.

From the traditional to the down-right exotic, there will always be something new to discover at Sausage Club of Manchester. Guests and members attending will get to take part in demos and try the pairings. A nominal entry fee of £2 will be charged to cover tastings.

The club is the brainchild of Mike Edge, owner of the Splendid Sausage Co on John Dalton Street.

Full story from Manchester Confidential

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