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Introducing the Dausage

According to there are no finer foods in the world than sausages and doughnuts, but they seldom appear together. The Dausage® aims to overcome this.

Could this be genius?

It’s a cross between a donut and a sausage. No, you haven’t misread the previous sentence.


The dausage is a cross between the two food items, which people may not immediately assume would go together.

The food stuff, which is the brainchild of branding expert, Liam Bennet, 37, has spent 12 months developing the dausage, which could be on supermarket shelves in the near future.  “I started thinking about what else could be crossed with a doughnut, and wondered if a sausage would work.”

“I began with pork with strawberry and cumberland with raspberry, and, contrary to many other people’s expectations, they worked really well together.”

Flavours currently being produced are pork and beef with custard, venison with strawberry custard and a vegetarian dausage filed with Primula cheese.

Liam, from west Wales, is working on getting kickstarter funding to develop a dausage-making machine.


He said he has had interest from a number of major retailers, but was still tinkering with the recipe.

You can get involved with the kickstarter campaign here.


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