This is a great quirky book written by Matt Smith.  Join him as he aims to find the ultimate fry-up experience (mainly in the East of England).

Matt Smith: “Perhaps the English playwright William Somerset Maugham went a little far when he declared that “To eat well in England, you should eat breakfast three times a day.”  But I certainly agree that the British breakfast is something that we should enjoy and be proud of.  I feel that British cuisine has an unjust reputation throughout the world as bland and unpalatable.  Don’t get me wrong, I love food from across the globe and many of my favourite meals originate from Europe, Asia and the Americas however if I had to name my favourite, the full breakfast would be top of the list.”

From supermarkets to pubs and farm shops he tries out many of the places that serve up an all-day-breakfast.  Who does the best breakfast?

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