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In search of the ultimate fry-up

This is a great quirky book written by Matt Smith.  Join him as he aims to find the ultimate fry-up experience (mainly in the East of England).

Matt Smith: “Perhaps the English playwright William Somerset Maugham went a little far when he declared that “To eat well in England, you should eat breakfast three times a day.”  But I certainly agree that the British breakfast is something that we should enjoy and be proud of.  I feel that British cuisine has an unjust reputation throughout the world as bland and unpalatable.  Don’t get me wrong, I love food from across the globe and many of my favourite meals originate from Europe, Asia and the Americas however if I had to name my favourite, the full breakfast would be top of the list.”

From supermarkets to pubs and farm shops he tries out many of the places that serve up an all-day-breakfast.  Who does the best breakfast?

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  1. Roger

    Vale Cafe : A46 Cheltenham Road, WR11 7QP : They serve the most Wonderful Breakfasts, Try either The Traditional, The Light, The Big, The Vegetarian or The 10oz Gammon Breakfast, fabulous free range eggs if you are a Poached Egg Person.

    Items used in the Breakfasts : (R/L Best Back Bacon or Smoked Bacon, Pork Sausages, Free Range Eggs, Baked Beans, Fresh or Tinned Tomatoes, Hash Browns, Sauté Potatoes, Fresh Mushrooms, Black Pudding, Fried Bread, Toast.

    tried and tested all with the conclusion each breakfast will suit any persons taste on each visit.

  2. Mr Rupa

    Ever since I came to Britian, I loved the British fry up. Sadly it is on the decline. I cant even get a decent butchers around my area, its all Halal. I am not even going to try and ask if they could do me a couple of rounds of bacon and pork related food. The one poor butcher we had got threatened that if he didnt sell Halal meat, and stop selling pork some harm would come onto him. Well he sold up. I have to travel several miles, as the supermarkets will not sell pork produce, even Bacon crisps. I have also seen a decline in the number of pubs that do all day full English breakfasts, its now Chickn curry, and curry night is ubiquitous everywhere, that and quiz night. Sad sad day. One of the best things England did was a fry up, even that is being lost.

  3. Roger

    Dear all Sausage fans,

    The Guys Went to the Vale Cafe on the A46 Cheltenham Road,WR11 7QP as reccomended by a friend who goes most weeks and tried the Sausage Breakfast, not kidding you we had the : Original Old Gloucester Spot Sausage Breakfast which included 2 Large Old Spot Sausages, Hash Brown, Saute Potatoes, free range egg, fresh mushrooms, grilled tomato, black pudding, fried slice and buttered toast, it was well worth the visit,Coffee was bean to cup which again was first rate, can’t wait for my next drive by, so many breakfast to choose from, Give the place a GO !!

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