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The free iBBQ iPhone App is a brilliant creation from EBLEX (the organisation for beef and lamb levy payers in England).

BBQ’ers can check the weather, get recipes, BBQ tips and even browse BBQ locations.  Most importantly there is a listing of high quality butchers where you can get the good stuff from to make your BBQ perfect.

The Weather Forecast is based on your current location (or put in another location of your choice) and gives you information including high and low temperatures and that all important windspeed for three days.

Recipes including Alfresco Beef Kebabs and Barbecued Whiskey and Soy Steaks as well as a variety of Marinades, salads and relishes.  All are very clearly written with simple instructions and ingredients lists.

The BBQ tips are particularly good and include Watching the fat, not interfering and daring to be different!  Did you know, for example, that you can grill, fry, roast and bake on the barbecue?

I love the idea of using the iPhone’s location based technology to show BBQ location information.  The map shows you locations based on where you are and you can then easily call the location, read information, check the weather or see it on a map.  The locations are mainly beaches and forests and there are some really good ones I am looking forward to trying out.

The app cleverly uses your current location for the butcher location feature so you can easily from somewhere good if you are away from home.  If anywhere though this is where the app could possibly be improved.  There are links to phone and see the location on a map (with a nice meaty icon) but no link to a website or email address which I think is a shame given the iPhone’s online abilities.

Just when you think the app is packed with features there is the BBQ invitation tool!  In any of the other sections you can click on an icon and compose BBQ invites!

Free from iTunes

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