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I want to use sausages to save the High Street

Regular readers will know that I am passionate about British sausages!

But why do I want to write a book about them and why do I want to write it NOW?

The UK is a nation of sausage lovers with over 5 million people tucking into about 12 million sausages every single day!  We have nearly 500 different sorts.  If you take into account the different ways that butchers make those different sorts you can eat a different sausage, every day, for ten years just in the UK!  When I started my journey of true sausage appreciation I had no idea what I would find.


My journey has been one of passion!  Passion that people have for their regional sausages and passion from the producers making quality products.  My journey has highlighted the cornerstone of many High Streets, the butcher’s shop.


There are three of my reasons to write a book about sausages and write it NOW:

1)  Regionality is worth celebrating.  I’ve seen the passion up and down the country when people talk to me about the sausages in their region and from their butcher.  I don’t seen such enthusiasm with any other food.  Sausages are almost Man’s great leveller.  Everyone has a view and every region has a story.  I want to tell this story so everyone can enjoy the hidden treasures I’ve found on my travels.  I want to find the ultimate British sausage!

2) The High Street needs sausages.  The High Street is on the decline and with it are the traditional sausage making and butchery skills we have taken for granted for years.  NOW is out time to act!  If people are enthused by my book, and visit their local High Street butcher or sausage maker, they will be doing what Mary Portas has, so far, not done.  They will be leading the march back onto the High Streets of our great country and putting their money into the local economy.

3) Technology allows us to do wonderful things.  I can now quickly and cheaply distribute an amazing guide to sausages all over the World at a touch of a button (when I’ve written it).  This means the word will be out there pretty quickly and people can go, stock up and get sizzling.  Of course there will be a lovely glossy coffee table version to buy.  Books have a value beyond their content and no coffee table will be complete without a copy.  Some of this book can be freely available and some of it can be available at a very low price.

This is not about me making money.  This is about you discovering, amazing sausages and the High Street.  If there is money left when I’m done I will use it to fight the cause further and donate whatever I can to British Sausage Week charities.


You can get involved:

  • Join the crowd-sourcing revolution and help me fund this book (a £1 from every visit would cover the cost within days)!
  • Recommend sausage makers
  • Tell your friends
  • Share this idea on facebook / other websites (like button below)
  • Use your High Street and butcher so they are still there for me to visit!

As always I welcome your comments on this project.

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