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Howson High Class Butchers

Howson were recommended to by many of their customers and so we were delighted to give them a try for ourselves!

Old Fashioned Pork

Regular readers of my reviews will know that I am always keen to try a basic pork sausage from any butcher as I think you can tell a great deal from it. If they get the basic pork sausage wrong alarm bells ring for me!

Howson’s Old Fashioned Pork is a classic sausage with everything I want from a sausage. It has lots of robust flavour, is robust and morish. It was nicely seasoned and not too saly or spicy. It was a pork sausage like they used to taste (hence the name I imagine!) and would be perfect in any meal.

Pork and Leek

Almost as soon as I smelt these succulent sausages cooking I wanted mash and onion gravy. This sausage sums up what great British food is all about. The balanced, fresh leek flavour does not overpower the pork so you can still taste both.

Could this be the perfect sausage to accompany your turkey at Christmas? Let me know what you think.
Camelised Onion and Blacksticks Blue Cheese

Another brilliant sausage!

I am not a huge fan of really strong blue cheese so I must confess to being slightly nervous when I tried this because the first two sausages I had tried were so good and I didn’t want my feelings towards Blue cheese to get in the way.

The caramelised onion gave the sausage a sweetness which worked brilliantly with the other ingredients. I was delighted to find that the blue cheese was subtle enough to just add an extra smooth and creamy dimension to this classic.

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