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Hot sausage ban at the BBC

Workers told they must not pick up heated food or make their own toast in case they burn themselves.

BBC workers are fuming after being told they are not allowed to pick up ‘hot sausages’ with tongs or make their own toast – in case they burn themselves.

Workers have complained to chiefs at the Beeb after the BBC Club took over running the canteen from another provider at the Media Centre in White City in Wood Lane, north west London, last week.

The BBC Club – set up as a private members club for BBC employees in 1924 – was put in charge of the cafe on April 2.

But after just over a week in charge, BBC staff are complaining that a ‘new health and safety crackdown’ has meant they can no longer make their own toast or pick up hot sausages – even with the tongs provided.

BBC worker Chris Malpas, who works in technology support, said service was ‘chaotic’ since the BBC Club took over.

He wrote: ‘I fail to see how the now-club-run canteen at the Media Centre is supposed to be an improvement on what was available in White City previously.

‘Not only does the counter/till service become chaotic when there are more than two people waiting, but at almost 35 years old I am suddenly no longer deemed qualified enough to prepare my own toast at breakfast time.

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