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H. Clewlow Butchers Dabber Sizzler

This is one of the best examples as to why the sausage has survived the test of time

H. Clewlow Butchers have been hand making sausages for over 74 years and recently I got the chance to find out exactly why they’ve won so many awards.

My weapon of choice in this case was the grill, as it so often is with a good quality sausage, I cooked them slowly on a low heat until the skins became crisp and began to yeild to the softness of the pork within them.

Wow. I could say they were unpretentious and succulent, but I wouldn’t be doing them justice. What we discovered in the Dabber Sizzler was a sausage that comprised of a traditional and meaty style in a large than average sausage.

It was so many of the things I love about good quality sausages. It was a simple, traditional, wholesome banger, with a hint of mischief and a good consistency which cooked easily and well.

It’s also great value for money at only ¬£5.50 per KG and because its a slightly larger than average banger its perfect for any meal.

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