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Grimsby bangers could be flavoured with whisky & vodka

PORK and Jack Daniel’s, vodka Red Bull, and smoked bacon and maple syrup.

They are just some of the wacky suggestions of sausage recipes which could soon be hitting the shelves at a popular Grimsby butcher’s.

John Pettit Butcher’s, based in Grimsby’s Bethlehem Street, has launched a competition with a twist where customers are in with a chance of winning 5lb of free sausages, as reported.


The shop has now announced ten finalists, with the five most popular among Facebook fans to be created for customers.

The ten finalists are:

  • Smoked pork jambalaya
  • Pork and sweet chilli
  • Pork, vodka Red Bull
  • Pork and honey Jack Daniel’s
  • Beef, cumin, chilli, tomato and dark brown sugar
  • Pork and jalapenos
  • Pork, smoked paprika, chilli and smoked cheese
  • pork, smoked bacon and maple syrup
  • Pork, tomato, basil, chilli, garlic and chorizo
  • Beef, basil, mozzarella and tomato

The competition is the brainchild of 18-year-old Tom Whotton, who works as the personal assistant to the company’s managing director Andy Johnson.

More than 1,500 suggestions were made on the company’s Facebook page.

The sausage with the most sales will be crowned the winner, with the top entrant receiving 5lb of their own sausages completely free of charge.

“I just thought it would be a good idea to run a competition but do it with a bit of a twist,” Tom said.

“It’s been so popular and I’m amazed how many messages we have had on Facebook – it’s been crazy.

“We can do any sort of sausage really, so even though we’ve received some strange suggestions there shouldn’t be any problem making them.”

He added: “We want to get a new range launched so we thought this was as good idea as any.

“It’s also a great way to get the customers to feel like they are involved and we’ve certainly had plenty of reaction.

“Since I have been here I have tried to push the company on Twitter and Facebook and it’s really helped the butcher’s grow as a business. Hopefully it will bring in more customers as well, so it’s win-win for everyone.”

To cast your vote, comment on the butcher’s Facebook page.

The five sausages with the most votes will all be featured in the shop’s Bank Holiday Banger Bonanza.

Votes must be cast on the shop’s Facebook page by Wednesday.

Full story from Grimsby Telegraph

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