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Graig Farm Traditional Oxford Sausage

Described by Mrs Beeton as the “Oxford”, this is a type of sausage which can be traced back at least 60 years before her famous publication. A similar recipe of about 1800 described it as a “Pork sausage for a private family”.

However, to follow the old recipes exactly would be unacceptable to modern palates – the 1800 recipe suggests “To every pound of pork add 1 ¼ pounds of fat”! It also calls for the use of veal. So, in Graig Farm’s version (“The Oxford Sausage”) there has been a toning down of the fat content, and no veal is used, but the mixture of herbs and spices remains much as it was when it was made in the family kitchen of 200 years ago. Nutmeg and marjoram make a lovely combination of flavours which make this a distinctive but delicious pork sausage. comment: At Graig Farm they’ve done it again. They’ve created something almost magical. Something wholesome and “how it should taste”. I can imagine my ancestors tucking into one of these and washing it down with ale.

Our weapon of choice was the grill and we were very impressed with the results. Minimal fat running off during cooking, nice crispy skins and a superb and full, traditional flavour.

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