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Graig Farm Organic beef and garlic Sausages

A new flavour for us and absolutely fantastic

We’ve been trying sausages for a few years now and have never come across Beef and Garlic flavour.

Graig Farm Organics came extremely well packed and survived the journey well. We grilled ours after a vote on cooking method and as soon as we tried one we knew these were something special.

It was like eating a steak sausage, the garlic was subtle but present and the overall flavour was just out of this world. The natural casings lend themselves well to most sorts of cooking so we could have equally baked or fried the sausages.

The sausages were really really nice but its even bigger and better than that, with Graig Farm Organics you know that the beef is reared as locally as possible, on registered organic farms. Organically reared animals must he fed on wholesome food (normally just home-produced grass, silage or hay), have been given no routine drugs and not been housed for indefinite periods.

At £8.21(kg) it is now not expensive to eat organic, traceable, sustainable high quality meat.

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