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Government rejects sausage campaign

A seven year campaign to get the Lincolnshire sausage ‘protected geographical status’ has been rejected by the government.

They say there is ‘no enduring link’ between the product and the geographical area.

They also said the vast number of recipe variations and the fact Lincolnshire sausages have been made outside the county for more than 20 years meant the sausages didn’t meet their strict criteria.

It’s only the second time an application of this type has been rejected, the other being Jersey Butter.

It has been suggested that an application under the name ‘Traditional Lincolnshire Sausage’ might be accepted.

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  1. Chris Norton

    A laughable decision. I cannot understand why other sausage makers are so ashamed of their own wares that they have to attempt to copy the best sausages.

    Be proud of your own sausages rather than ours!

    Chris Norton (beekeeper and butcher for Boston Sausage)

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