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Goodies Farm Shop Christmas Fayre

Sausages and Buffy’s beer were on the agenda at Goodies Farm Shop Christmas Fayre.

I was delighted to be invited to visit Goodies Farm Shop Christmas Fayre. Goodies, based in Pulham, Norfolk, are one of the top farm shops in the country so as you can imagine I was very excited about visiting and trying their sausages for myself.

Stuart uses their own pigs to make the sausages so he can be sure of the quality of the meat going in and this, in part, is why his sausages are so excellent.

There were seven or eight different sorts of sausages available to sample as well as some excellent Buffy’s bitter.

The sausages were absolutely first rate and opinion was divided as to the best one on the day. I liked the spicy options while my son (who is two and a half) liked whichever he could reach! My wife, brother in law and partner all had a different opinion. There really was something for everyone.

There were also some excellent other local producers from wine to smoked fish. It was foodie heaven!

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