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Gear up for UK Sausage Week!

UK Sausage Week will run from 30th October until 5th November (Bonfire Night) and will open with a celebration lunch at Plaisterers’ Hall, London, where some of the best butchers, retailers and manufacturers from across the UK will be recognised with awards – including the Supreme UK Sausage Champion.

Interested sausage-makers can now enter their products for consideration via the form on the event’s website . The products will be put to the test by a team of experienced judges, including Ladies in Pigs and led by chief executive of the Institute of Meat, Keith Fisher.


Any sausage-makers, retailers and restaurateurs with interesting recipes up their sleeves are also invited to share their culinary expertise to get the Great British public choosing sausages for their breakfasts, lunches and dinners! The best recipes will be published in the pages of Meat Management magazine as well as online during UK Sausage Week itself.

Get involved

The UK Sausage Week team are urging all sausage fans to get involved in the celebrations. Restaurants are asked to add sausage specials to their menus, butchers are encouraged to create new bangers and manufacturers are also expected to get creative. How you get involved is up to you – but do let the organising team know so that they can promote your endeavours!

Celebrity ambassador Eric Knowles, known for TV shows such as Antiques Roadshow, said: “Sausages are the ultimate comfort food for me. There is nothing better than two or three top quality sausages with a plate of mashed potato and a really good beef or onion gravy. You can stick your chateaubriand – give me sausage and mash any day!”

Chief judge and Institute of Meat CEO Keith Fisher added: “I think I can speak for many in the trade when I say how pleased I am that UK Sausage Week is taking place this year. Sausages are so important to both the meat industry and to many millions of consumers. With retail sausage values at around £1.3billion the importance of this market sector cannot be overstated

“I look forward to starting UK Sausage Week off with a bang – or should I say banger!”

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