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FruitPig Company

As regular readers will know I am a big fan of FruitPig Company sausages. I first tried them back in June and I knew then that Matt, originator of The FruitPig Company was going to make his mark on the World of sausages.

Matt and his lovely wife Anna invited us out to the Dabbling Duck at Great Massingham where he supplies most of the sausages.

The pub is a wonderful place and the owners have done an excellent job of making is charming, welcoming and homely as well as providing excellent food (but more on that in a minute). I was delighted to see Adnams Broadside on draught. The drive over had provided a thirst only a nice Adnams could quench.

With FruitPig Company sausages on the menu I knew we were in for a treat. We started with Mussels which were very tasty and then moved onto the sausage platter for two.

This was absolutely wonderful. It was one of each of the sausages off the menu (and some black pudding) on a glorious pile of mash, fried onions and an accompanying mustard or sauce for each sausage. All of the sausages were really tasty. I particularly enjoyed the venison (because my wife is not a big fan so we don’t often have them) and loved the full English in a sausage. Beans, mushroom, toast, bacon, sausage, egg and black pudding in a sausage. Well worth trying.

The black pudding also tastes great and Matt seems to have somehow worked his magic to make a black pudding that even people who don’t like black pudding like!

Matt is a humorous and enthusiastic sausage aficionado who I could talk to for hours. His strong moral compass means that he only uses the best ingredients in his sausages and you can taste this in every bite. Matt’s wife Anna, who gets involved with the business (as do the whole family), is also excellent company and time flew. I was sad to realise it was time for coffee and then dashing home to the baby sitter.

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