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Fordhall Organic Farm

I am short changing Fordhall Organic Farm if I call them an innovation!  1 farm is owned by 8000 landlords!

Fordhall Organic Farm, in Market Drayton, north Shropshire has been organic for over 65 years. They rear grass fed beef, lamb and gloucester old spot pork.  After being saved from development in 2006 through a national campaign, it is now England’s first community-owned farm and offers a warm welcome to all.

And not only that…their pork makes great sausages!

Thanks to Richard who emailed me and pointed out that I had, as yet, failed to include them in the directory of lovely sausage makers!  Remiss of me because I tried some of their sausages at the Ludlow Food Festival and really enjoyed them.

Fordhall Farm is one of the longest running natural organic farms in England and this heritage must be protected and preserved. Many of the initial supporters were personal friends of the late Arthur Hollins and recognised his groundbreaking research into organic farming. People are still supporting The Fordhall Initiative because they can appreciate the work and determination of those involved. It is this combination of history, environmental qualities and undeterred motivation which has made Fordhall Farm a treasure to visit.

The FCLI recognises that good quality local produce needs to be accessible to all. The Fordhall Farm shop and hog roast facility provides both organic and local food to the area by the tenant farmers (Ben and Charlotte Hollins).

One of the fundamental aims of the FCLI is to assist in educating people in the production of food and the impact of animal welfare. It therefore uses the land for community benefit in as many ways as it can think of, without actually farming it.

I’m told the cafe, serving their own bacon and sausages, is particularly good.  I need to go and visit!

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