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First tastes: Blue Pig Company

I knew today was going to be a beautiful day when I opened my eyes at 7:04am and thought of sausages.  I remembered the tasty treats that had been delivered to me the day before safely tucked up in my fridge.

The Farmers who set up the Blue Pig Company have been farming in Yorkshire for 5 generations and I was lucky enough to get to hear about them via Twitter.  Like many Farmers they have had their work cut out since Foot and Mouth building their farms back up.  They have crossed a “black” pig (a Saddle Back) and a “white” pig (Gloucester Old Spots) to create a combination with a blue tinge!  From the moment I smelt the sausages I couldn’t wait to try them.

Regular readers will know I normally like to try sausages on their own but today I just couldn’t resist some shoulder bacon.  The sausages went into a pan first and the smell as they started to cook was amazing.  You could really smell the herbs as the sausages sizzled away.

I am a big fan of cooking sausages really slowly but I must confess I was so tempted by the smell of these herby wonders I had to creep the heat up a little to get them cooked so we could get started.  In the meantime I stuck the bacon on in another pan and got that sizzling.

It seemed a really long wait for the sausages to be cooked – in reality it was less time then I normally take!  It’s just as they cooked further they smelt more and more exciting and I couldn’t wait to get tucked in.  In addition to an excellent range of sausages the Blue Pig Company also do some rather tasty looking black pudding and I can’t wait to try that out too.

I’m not normally a massive fan of black pudding but how can you not get excited by black pudding that looks that amazing?  Traditionally baked in a loaf tin this sounds and looks like a Yorkshire classic.  I might have to call in the senior testers in the form of my Grandma to try this?  She is, after all, one of Yorkshire’s finest exports!

Finally the sausages were done and I could try them.

These sausages were exactly what I wanted.  As they had cooked they smelt amazing and with a build up like that I really didn’t want them to let me down and they didn’t.  They delivered on taste in a big way.  The meat was succulent and flavoursome and the herby balance was perfect.

Can’t wait to get stuck into the other varieties.

I think I should get these guys on the map to visit on a Sausage King Adventure.  What do you think?

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