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Fight to save Lincolnshire Sausage sizzles on

The campaign to protect the Lincolnshire sausage is moving forward – but it could still be years before the meaty treat gains protected status.

After a national consultation, a 1,285 signature petition on the Downing Street website, and a period in which numerous objections were defended by members of the Lincolnshire Sausage Association, the application has passed to Defra.

But the government department is set to consult, again, on the plans – which could delay its passage to the European Parliament by more than a year.

Janet Godfrey, chairman of the Lincolnshire Sausage Association, said: “It’s a very long drawn out process.

“It started off with Food for Britain and that was closed down, so it went to Adas and they put it out to consultation and discussion.

“There were objectors who had all sorts of reasons – Morrison’s want to keep producing a ‘Lincolnshire’ sausage using more parsley than sage – which we all know is wrong – and there was a company producing ‘vegetarian Lincolnshire sausages’, which Trading Standards say aren’t even sausages.

“The application has gone to Defra now but it will have to go out to consultation again.

“It’s part of the process but I don’t know why they have to duplicate it.

“It could be either six months or a year, then it will go to Europe.

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