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EAST Lindsey District Council joins campaign to protect the humble sausage

EAST Lindsey District Council has joined the campaign to have the Lincolnshire Sausage granted Protected Geographical Status by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Protected Status would mean that sausages sold with the Lincolnshire Sausage name would have to be made in Lincolnshire and could not be made elsewhere.

A petition on the Prime Minister’s website, organised by Lincolnshire Forum for Agriculture, has already attracted 1000 signatures.

Portfolio holder for rural services, Councillor Edward Mossop, explained why the Council was supporting the campaign: “East Lindsey has many small producers making quality products and they are proud of what they do and the quality of what they produce.

“Being granted Protected Status would support the numerous small producers that we have in the county and help prevent inferior products from reaching the market.”

To sign the petition visit

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