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Debbie & Andrew launch bio-degradable sausage packaging

As Bank Holiday barbeques get underway and rubbish from the estimated 3.5 million* packs of sausages Britain will be buying this weekend ends up on landfill, a Yorkshire sausage company has today signalled a packaging revolution for the British barbeque favourite. Debbie and Andrew Keeble, the husband and wife farmers behind the Debbie & Andrew

The announcement comes as pressure mounts on the retail industry to find viable alternatives to conventional packaging and, in particular, groceries. Statistics reveal that it takes the British public just 4 minutes 12 seconds to generate enough rubbish to fill a swimming pool**. With 394 million packs of sausages sold every year in the UK*** and most, if not all, of this empty packaging ending up on landfill and taking hundreds of years to bio-degrade, Debbie & Andrew’s hopes the advance will encourage more companies to follow their lead.

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