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Dad sets up sausage-making business in East Cleveland

A DAD who shunned the hustle and bustle of London City life has set up a sausage-making business in East Cleveland.

Burton’s Bangers has been founded by husband and wife duo David and Jackie Burton.

The couple, who moved away from London eight years ago, have created a workshop at their Brotton home and are now looking to turn their sausage-making pastime into a full-time venture.

“It was originally just a hobby for us,” said 45-year-old David.

“I enjoyed making sausages and when we were doing it as a hobby and cooking for people a lot of them asked us for some.

“It was good fun and we learned a lot so decided to try and turn it into a full-time job.”

The Burton family moved to Brotton eight years ago – leaving behind what many would assume was a glamorous life in London.

David had worked as a pensions administrator in the City and left behind a bumper salary to move north – not that he regrets it.

“It’s a bit like taking a step back in time coming up here but in a good way,” David, a dad-of-two, explained.

“It was a bit of a culture shock. I used to get on the same train everyday.

“For 13 years, I saw the same faces day in, day out, week after week but I never spoke to a single person, nor they to me.

“After 10 minutes in Brotton everyone knows your life story.”

David and Jackie offer five different meat sausages, a vegetarian option and bacon.

Strict planning permission conditions mean they are currently allowed to only sell through a delivery service.

But in the future they hope to expand the operation and also begin selling to retailers.

“I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for when we began starting it all up,” David added.

“But we have put a lot of money into it and are confident we can make it a success.”

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