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Credit Munch: Bangers And Mash Tops Menu

Bangers and mash has been voted the nation’s favourite dish as Britons look to traditional comfort foods to help them through the downturn.

The sausage and mashed potato combo came top in a poll commissioned by TV channel Good Food. The survey asked more than 3,000 people about their eating habits now compared with last year and asked them to name their favourite dish.

Bangers and mash got 16% of the votes, beating fish and chips into second with 15%, while beans on toast came in third with 10%.

Richard Kingsbury, head of the Good Food channel, said: “It’s heartening to know that even if people can’t afford to go out they are still having fun with good food and the friends they’ve invited round.

“Food programmes have played a part in giving people the confidence and creativity to have a go at cooking for friends, whether it be bangers and mash or Thai green curry.”

Full story from Sky News.

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