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Cornish Charcuterie

Every once in a while a producer doing something truly great comes along and Cornish Charcuterie, Award Winning British Charcuterie Producers, are doing just that.

First thing of note is the packaging.

My parcel of meaty goodness arrived very promptly and was beautifully packaged so the precious cured cargo was protected from the outside World.


The second thing to mention is their range.  There really is something for everyone!  From coppa to seaweed and cider salami they have it covered!  I also like that, just like us, they are parents changing their pace of life to build a lasting legacy for their children (like us they have four) and it’s all about local food.

And so to the task of sampling such brilliance!





Every time we tried something I tried hard to get some photographs and to write some words down.  I managed the photographs but was too busy enjoying the magical meaty goodness!






The challenge was taking the time to write down the words Vs wanting to indulge in such succulent charcuterie brilliance.  In the end the products won and we spent far too much time eating and talking about the products to give you a blow by blow account of each variety!

The balance on these products is incredible.  It’s beautifully made with great ingredients and every single bite is a treat.  My advice would be to allow the charcuterie to get up to near room temperature before you cut it.  You will find the casing peels away nicely and the thin slices of meaty goodness will go with anything.  If it doesn’t go with something then you are doing it wrong!

But seriously, this must be close to charcuterie perfection?  You can taste pretty much everything on the refreshingly short ingredient lists.  The chilli chorizo wasn’t overpowering it was just beautifully balanced like everything else.  The seaweed was evident without overpowering the other flavours.  The peppercorns just increased the depth of the flavour.  Everything in moderation including moderation itself.  There was nothing not to like!

This is honest food made with pork from pigs kept on their farm.  It’s not expensive, it’s honestly priced given the quality of the ingredients.  I recommend you order some immediately!

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