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Colyton Butchers

Colyton Butchers is a family run butchers set in the glorious county of East Devon, master butcher Anton Bolton who has 25 years experience is very passionate about traditional home made products, all the meat used is sourced from local farms across the west country which can be traced back to the originating farm.

Colyton Butchers Review

Colyton Butchers is a family run butchers based in Devon.  Master Butcher Anton Bolton is incredibly passionate about what he does and his sausages are first rate.  He has over 25 years experience which means his sausages are first class.  It is no accident that he keeps winning awards!

Traditional pork chipolatas

At we love chipolatas (well we love all sausages really)!  Not only are they a hit with the kids they are a quick and tasty accompanyment to any meal.

Colyton butchers’ chipolatas are absolutely perfect.  Their  flavour is good and meaty with a subtle herb flavour and they are well packed in excellent casings.  The skins crisped up nicely under the grill and the plate was soon empty!

Traditional pork

As I’ve said in previous reviews I think you can tell a great deal about a sausage maker from their simplest sausages.

Colyton butchers’ traditional pork sausage are very tasty.  The meat is very good quality and the natural casings compliment this.  The sausage is also well put together with a good balance of meat and the necessary filler.  Too little filler and the sausage will crumble when cooked, too much and you lose the flavour – this sausage has the balance perfect.  Everything you want in a great pork sausage.

Old English

Once in a while we review some sausages and end up finding something really special and the Old English from Colyton Butchers is one of these finds.

The Old English sausage is both spicey and herby with a wholesome rich wow factor which is hard to put into words.  They have a beautiful strong smell and must be one of the ultimate winter warmer foods.  We loved these sausages.  Infact, I would go as far as to say if you only try one new sausage this year make it these.

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£7 per kg

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