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Clarissa Dickson Wright is fellow Musks fan

It is widely known how much we like Musks sausages at I was delighted to read an interview with Clarissa Dickson Wright in the Sunday Herald and find that she is also a fan of Musks.

Here is an extract from the interview:

My earliest childhood memory is of food. I was about three-and-a-half and we were having a picnic. There were two things I remember. One is that it was the first time I had peeled a hard-boiled egg and the shell just came off in one. Wonderful. The other was this sausage, which became my benchmark sausage. To me it was the best sausage I’d ever eaten and no sausage measured up to it. But then, years later, I was walking through a food hall and someone gave me a sausage and I screeched to a halt and came back, saying: “This is my sausage.” It turned out it was a Musks sausage and these were the people my mother was buying her sausages from.

Full interview in the Sunday Herald

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