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Cheerbrook Farm Shop sausages

Every now and then I discover a sausage producer who is innovating in the World of sausages and Cheerbrook are doing just that.  The sausage making techniques are traditional and the flavours classic with big and bold exciting new recipes like The Full Monty!


In this review I tried The Full Monty, Pork & Apple, Pork & Leek, Moroccan and Pork.  At some point I will also try the Pork, Plum & Ginger which are waiting patiently in the freezer!  The range on the Cheerbrook website also includes a number of others.


Every single flavour looked and smelt great but I had to start with The Full Monty!


Breakfast in a sausage! This is a combination of their pork sausage blended with crumbled Bury black pudding and their own dry cured bacon.

These are big bold sausages!


They were absolutely perfect and a great introduction to the Cheerbrook range.  Ridiculously meaty but still well balanced and bursting with flavour.  Even the non-black pudding fans in the house were blown away by them!

It was hard to know what to follow this with but the Cheerbrook range really is great so all were worthy of being next up.


cheerporkappleThe Pork and Apple were nicely balanced unlike in so many other pork and apple sausages.  The pork was strong enough and the apple not too sweet.  This really was a well made sausage and they quickly disappeared!  The bramley apples in this are a great addition and really add something to an already great sausage.



Next up we tried the pork and leek sausage.  So often the leek is either lost or overpowering the pork in this classic combination.  Not so in the Cheerbrook pork and leek.  A great balance and a great flavour.  We had this with greens, cheesy mash and onion gravy and it was perfect on a cold evening!


lambI am a massive fan of spicy sausages and also always delighted when lamb or other meats make an appearance.  The Moroccan lamb certainly didn’t disappoint!  Another cracking blend, this time Cheshire Lamb blended with Harissa, apricots and sultanas.  The spicy, fruitiness definitely helps balance out the rich flavour of the lamb.


classicThere is always a danger that a sausage maker can get wrapped up in new and exciting flavours and forget about the basics but this is definitely not the case here!

The traditional pork sausage from Cheerbrook is a real joy.  The quality of the pork is absolutely where it should be.  They take Packington’s Free Range pork shoulder, mix in a little water, rusk and secret seasoning and produce a quality sausage in a natural casing.

Cheerbrook are producing great sausages.  They are using quality fresh ingredients and making classic flavours such as pork & leek and pork & apple but they are also pushing things forward and innovating.  I recommend all of their sausages I have tried and in particular do try the Full Monty which is a real treat!



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