Sausage Recipes

Mr Plume’s delight

A few years ago I visited De-Lish in Wells-Next-The-Sea and Jules, a sausage genius, created the Mr Plume’s delight! Here Jules shares the recipe so you can have a go at making this sumptuous sausage at home!

Italian-style Sausages in a Peperonata Sauce

Once you’ve made those great Italian sausages you could try this recipe!

Italian-style Sausage

I’m very grateful to Adrian for this recipe for Italian style sausages, I can’t wait to try it!

Wirral butcher hopes wedding themed bangers will make a buck for Claire House

A WIRRAL sausage specialist is serving up bangers with bubbly to toast his upcoming wedding. Butcher Dave Hardy, who owns and runs farm shop The Old Barn at Carr Farm […]

Sausages for the Olympics

SK: As regular readers will know I’ve been on the search for sausages with an olympic theme.  Someone I follow on twitter, who I can only describe as a culinary […]

Duck and Andouille Sausage Gumbo

I came across a great website called Blue Kitchen the other day. Sitting proudly at the top of the site was the recipe for Duck and Andouille Sausage Gumbo: Comfort food with a Creole/Cajun kick. The website owner has very kindly let me include the recipe below (hopefully this will help me remember to make it and try it out for myself)!

Olde English Sausage Recipe circa 1800

When I was recently in Germany, I found myself wandering around a flea-market in Hannover. To my surprise I came across a German cook book dated 1800 and all written in old German, why was it surprising you may ask! Well this book titled “Neues Hannoverisches Kochbuch” loosely translated as a New Cook Book of Hannover. This book had in it some interesting recipes including recipes from foreign regions including an English sausage recipe, not what I expected from a book of that time era.

Sautéed Sausages with Sweet Potato, goat’s Cheese & Parsley

I’m not the World’s biggest goat’s cheese fan but it seems to work really well with all the other flavours here.

A beautiful creation from the Sausage Book.

Chorizo Paella with Seafood

I recently had the chance to read a lovely book called The Sausage Book. I do love a no nonsense cookbook that a simple man like me can follow! The following recipe if reproduced with the kind permission of the publishers. Every time I think of the smells of this wonderful and yet simple dish I feel famished!

Hottest sausage in the World – Apocalypse Now

Le Charcutier Anglais is what the French call Marc Frederic and he specialises in travelling the UK & mainland Europe teaching his craft. His other interests are writing and photography of foraging, farming & food.

In this article he boldly goes where few will go and samples the World’s hottest sausage mix.

Franco, from, supplied the mix for Marc to try and Tom, from a sausage making class at Empire Farm ended up being the man for the job!