Wild West Beef Jerky

How have I reached the age of 26 without having tried jerky… I think everyone should know about jerky which seems, until recently, to have been a secret kept by […]

Graig Farm Organic beef and garlic Sausages

A new flavour for us and absolutely fantastic We’ve been trying sausages for a few years now and have never come across Beef and Garlic flavour. Graig Farm Organics came […] home sausage making kit

Sausage making at home has suddenly become very simple… I am not much of a “domestic god” when it comes to cooking. Sure I can knock up a meal or […]

Shaken Oak Mustards

Once in a while someone comes along and creates something which is truly excellent and worth shouting about…Shaken Oak have created such a thing Forget any mustard you’ve tasted in […]

H. Clewlow Butchers Dabber Sizzler

This is one of the best examples as to why the sausage has survived the test of time H. Clewlow Butchers have been hand making sausages for over 74 years […]

The Big Bang Oxford

The Big Bang exists as a conscious reaction against pseudo-gourmet frippery. Having said that, anyone who actually cares about good food should be delighted by this recent addition to Walton […]

Sausages in Andalucia, Southern Spain

The pigs of Andalucia also contribute to the making of sausages, with red chorizo and black morcilla being the best-known. The villages in the vicinity of Ronda and Antequera (M├ílaga) […]

The Renaissance of the Sausage

An American perspective on the sausage phenomenon] We are not limited to beer brats, breakfast links, or frozen bulk sausage anymore. Walk into any sit-down Mexican restaurant; chances are they […]

Provender Delicatessen Wild Boar Sausages

I had been looking to try out Wild Boar sausages for a while when I was given the chance by Provender Delicatessen ( and I was suitably impressed. I had […]

History of Musks Newmarket Sausages

Musks opened their doors and welcomed us into history to see why their sausages are in a class of their own. The recipe for Musks sausages was created in Newmarket […]