Musk’s pork and Aspall cyder

My love of Musk’s sausages goes back to when I was a child. My Nana used to provide me with four (yes 4, as she wanted me to grow up big and strong) as part of a breakfast when I stayed at her house.

They have a classic appeal which cuts through the ages. Still loyal to the recipes from over 100 years ago they taste great at anytime of the day. They are a solid part of my sausage armoury at home and a reliable and tasty treat for all the family.

Regular readers will know they were the first destination on The Sausage King Adventures!

First tastes: Blue Pig Company

I knew today was going to be a beautiful day when I opened my eyes at 7:04am and thought of sausages. I remembered the tasty treats that had been delivered to me the day before safely tucked up in my fridge.

The Farmers who set up the Blue Pig Company have been farming in Yorkshire for 5 generations and I was lucky enough to get to hear about them via Twitter. Like many Farmers they have had their work cut out since Foot and Mouth building their farms back up. They have crossed a “black” pig (a Saddle Back) and a “white” pig (Gloucester Old Spots) to create a combination with a blue tinge! From the moment I smelt the sausages I couldn’t wait to try them.

FruitPig Company Toulouse

Having spent a few weeks in the summer scouring Brittany for great sausages I left disappointed. Despite the French being the Gastronomic Kings of the World I felt the sausages were seriously lacking. Had I had more time I would have headed South to Toulouse to sample the Toulouse sausages at their source.

However, I have it on good authority that Matt Cockin at The FruitPig Company does it better than the French and I can see why people think that.

These are beautiful sausages. A taste revelation non-the-less. And, very importantly they are 98% yes 98% rare breed meat!

Tesco Finest Chipolatas

A few weeks ago I was a guest at the King of Bangers 2010 in Kings Lynn. In advance of the main sausage tasting (from six Kings Lynn butchers) we sampled the cheapest sausages from five supermarkets.

Tesco value sausages were voted the worst in the cheapest sausage heat with a score of 2 out of 105. In the interest of fairness I thought I should sample the other end of the Tesco offering hence on this sunny Saturday morning I found myself cooking Tesco Finest Chipolatas.

The Black Farmer Premium Pork Sausage

My friends over at Rate My Sausage have a good look at the Black Farmer Premium Pork Sausage in this review. Wilfred (The Black Farmer) is a really great bloke who has cleverly handled supermarkets so that his brand is not devalued by their normal purchasing practices.

Not only is he a great bloke he is also enthusiastic about the market as a whole and how best he can support it. I met him most recently at the Champion of Champions competition where he gave a nice speech and presented the prizes.

Richmond’s Fresh Thick Sausage

Our man in Kings Lynn has bravely reviewed Richmond’s Fresh Thick Sausage.

Richmond’s are a ubiquitous low-price sausage that you’ll find nearly everywhere.

I wasn‘t overly impressed.

Even their website is suspiciously banal and lacking in interest.

Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference British Pork & Caramelised Red Onion Sausage

The people behind Rate My Sausage are now looking at supermarket sausages. What an excellent idea. Visiting your local butcher might not always be practical so it’s excellent to know what else is on offer. In this review they look at Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference range and try the pork and caramelised red onion sausages.

Giffen’s Old English Sausage

Another excellent review by the people behind Rate My Sausage. Please get in touch in the normal way if you think I should be making a visit to Giffen’s in Kings Lynn on my Sausage King Adventures!

Giffen‘s is a small butchery, which can be found only fifty metres from the previously reported Bowers‘, on Gaywood Road in King‘s Lynn.

Bower’s Traditional Norfolk Pork Sausage

A sausage fan in Kings Lynn has been out and about rating the best sausages for his blog. Read what he thought of local butcher Bowers below. He clearly enjoyed sampling some of Norfolk’s finest. Maybe I should make Bowers a destination for The Sausage King Adventures?

Bowers’ is a small traditional butcher shop, which can be found on Gaywood Road in King’s Lynn, close to the famous Gaywood clock tower. You will always be afforded a warm welcome here, and the smell of the shop will tickle your tastebuds before you’ve even bought your meat.

Christmas Pudding sausages and Nantwich blue sausages

There are few sausage makers who I would have taken seriously when they told me they had made a pork and Christmas pudding sausage. Charles Clewlow of H Clewlows of Natwich […]