Maltese Sausages (Zalzett tal-Malti)

A Colleague went to Malta during the holiday and kindly provided the following information about Maltese sausages.

Maltese sausages, or Zalzett tal-Malti, as they are known are very salty and for this reason the butcher advised my Colleague to cook them by boiling them first (they float when cooked) and then fry them up for that crispy finish.

They were very flavoursome. The seeds and peppercorns added a lovely texture(they were not finely crushed in the ones we had) and the garlic flavour was awesome.

Le Charcutier Anglais works his magic again

Article reproduced with kind permission from Le Charcutier Anglais:

Recently on Twitter I was followed by a newcomer called @merguezman (aka David Baker) of the new company who imports a small line of continental sausage seasonings.

After a few pleasantries had exchanged on Twitter, I volunteered to review this Merguez seasoning and blog my findings.

So what are you going to do with yours? Let me know what you think if you try it.

Undercover in Kings Lynn

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Undercover in Bungay

Bungay is an attractive and thriving market town situated in a loop of the beautiful river Waveney which straddles the Norfolk/Suffolk border.

It has many individual and specialist shops, some of which have been established for generations.

As it’s a mere ten minutes motorbike ride from me I took the opportunity to go undercover to find the best sausages on offer from the town’s three independent butchers.

Bairds, Lyalls and John Groom are all based in the town or on the outskirts. In each butcher I bought original or “plain” pork sausages to allow for a fair comparison. I also enlisted the help of some family members to get some extra opinions.

Powters new sausage range

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Bent & Cornwell of Ely – Cambridgeshire Pork Sausage

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Bent & Cornwell, the second Ely butcher under the Rate My Sausage microscope – how will they fare? Not too badly as it happens

Musk’s Gluten Free

For a number of reasons more and more people are turning to a gluten free diet.

As you may know, sausages can often contain gluten via fillers or binders such as rusk or bread.

Traditional Musk’s sausages, made using a recipe which goes back over 100 years, contain fresh bread. This gluten free alternative uses rice as a filler rather than bread.

The Bath Pig Chorizo

You have to love a company like The Bath Pig Company. It was invented by two good friends because they wanted to produce a chorizo (and later salami, pepperoni and specialist bacons) using free range British pork. They started off on a kitchen table and now have stockists up and down the country.

A business like this only grows from nothing if the product is worth it and I had been looking forward to trying their chorizo for ages.

The day their package arrived with me I was like a child on christmas day with my (not so) little fingers tearing eagerly at the wrappings to see the joy inside.

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