Visit to Rothbury Family Butchers

I’ve been a big fan of Morris at Rothbury Family Butchers since pretty much when I started! As you can imagine I jumped at the chance to visit!

Visit to Crombies of Edinburgh

To say I was excited about visiting Crombies is an understatement! I’ve been a fan of their sausages for years and couldn’t wait to visit and find out more about them.

Cheerbrook Farm Shop sausages

Every now and then I discover a sausage producer who is innovating in the World of sausages and Cheerbrook are doing just that.

Framlingham Sausage Festival 2014

As always the Framlingham Sausage Festival was a great day out for the whole family. Lots of producers were carefully spread across the town giving visitors the chance to wander around and take in the sights.

Undercover in Beccles

The rain clouds circled threateningly as I arrive in Beccles but nothing could dampen my spirits. People rave about the butchers in Beccles although opinion is split as to which […]

Keevil and Keevil

Reading the Rate My Sausage website (I am a big fan) reminded me that despite sampling some awesome Keevil and Keevil sausages a while ago I haven’t got round to […]

Sausage Shed pork and jalapeño!

Sausages are the perfect part of any meal and come in all shapes and sizes.

The Sausage Shed make sausages that are big and bold but perfectly balanced. Each sausage, wrapped in a beautiful natural casing normally weighs in at around 100g. I had been saving the pork and jalapeño sausages for the right time and this morning that time arrived!

Having previously sampled the pork and stilton and found them to be awesomely creamy and flavoursome I knew the pork and jalapeño pepper sausage was going to be excellent.

In search of the ultimate fry-up

This is a great quirky book written by Matt Smith. Join him as he aims to find the ultimate fry-up experience (mainly in the East of England).

Le Charcutier Anglais – Marc Frederic

This is a beautiful, hardback cookbook you could read in bed or, as I did, with a glass of something by the fire. When I was offered the first draft to read I was happy to but I wasn’t expecting what I found.

In the World of meat Marc, a Charcutier trained in France, has seen it and done it and this book comes from the heart.

He’s talking from experience and the whole book is peppered with nuggets of Marc’s real experiences.

History book meets cookbook I suppose but this is so much more.

The Sausage Book by Nick Sandler & Johnny Acton

See the bottom of this article for details on how to win a copy of The Sausage Book.

I love cookbooks and I’m not ashamed to admit it! I love the ideas you read and how it gets your imagination running. I also love the fact that more and more people are getting interested in cooking with and making sausages.

From British Worcestershire Sauce Sausage Hotpot to provincial-style Toulouse Sausage & Bean Cassoulet, hearty stews of Rookwurst and Kale and light tapas-style Basque Sausage with Oysters, there are over 80 recipes showing you how to use your sausages