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Carlsberg Draught Master

We review the latest and best gadget in home drinking – the Draught Master – could this be the perfect drink to have with the perfect sausage?
Watch out for a chance to win a Draught Master in our Christmas competition.

Carlsberg Draught Master

We are always on the search for the perfect drink to have with the perfect sausage and in the draught master we may have found that.

Forget about cans and bottles, when you want a beer with your sausages the Draught Master provides you with freshly pulled pints on demand.  The perfect accompaniment to any sausage.  This may be the Christmas present of 2007, ideal for the person who has everything!

We loved the design of the machine, the crome finish means it will fit in perfectly with your kettle and toaster!  The keg is quick and easy to fit but make sure you chill it first for at least 12 hours to avoid excessive froth.

We found the Draught Master very easy to assemble.  It was a matter of seconds from the box to being ready to use.  We had heard stories about it being hard to get further kegs but we had no problems getting them from our (small) local Tesco store.

Look out for details of how to win one of these in our Christmas competition.


Around £129 for the Draught Master and around £13 for kegs
(5 pints)

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