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Butcher’s sausages are among of the best

Northfield Farm in Oakham will put its pork and herb sausage up against the halloween sweet dream pork sausage from Groovy Foods in Stamford Road, Bourne, in the British Sausage Week competition in Nottingham on Tuesday.

They will compete against 10 others butchers for the title of Britain’s best sausage.

A Groovy Foods spokesman said: “Dreamt up for this year’s halloween, we roasted butternut squash with fresh garlic and rosemary. The mix is then heated up with Roquito peppers and sweetened with honey.

“We believe we discovered a seasonal sensation.”

The butchers will take part in a cook-off and television chef Simon Rimmer will help judge.

He said he was thrilled to be taking part in the competition, adding: “As a chef, I know that sausages are one of the best value and easiest meals to feed a family and when you choose those with a Red Tractor logo on the pack you’re not only supporting pig farmers but ensuring the sausages you eat are from pigs produced to high welfare standards too.”

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