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Butcher Tim makes it a million!

The cheerful Greenfield butcher (of Scotts of Saddleworth) is preparing to sell his millionth banger. And as a payback 49-year-old Tim is cooking up a special batch of limited-edition sausages – with some mystery ingredients.

“I’m organising a September Sausage Extravaganza,” he declared. “I’m making beef, pork and lamb with some appetising additional ingredients.”

“Someone asked me how many I thought I had made over the years and it got me thinking. I started work with Ian South in Greenfield in November 1985. Each week we’d sell about 15 batches, probably 10-fold over Christmas, with 40-45 sausages in a batch. Doing the maths, that’s pushed me up close to a million.

“I’ve made many different recipes over the years,” he recalled. “The Full English breakfast sausage was a good one – complete with brown sauce and croutons, to replicate toast.

“There’s been a Pennine sausage, including black pudding, steak and onion, cheese and chive and chorizo. I even made a special for the last football World Cup. I have to think of something different for the millionth batch.”

Full story from Oldham Evening Chronicle

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