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Butcher creates festive treat that packs a complete Christmas dinner… all in one sausage

Worried cooking Christmas dinner will be too stressful this year? Then you could just serve up some of this butcher’s very special seasonal sausages.

James Taylor, 32, has created a unique festive dinner inside a sausage by pumping sprouts, bacon and chestnuts into them for his new ‘Santa Grills’ range.

He and wife Heather, 42, painstakingly hand-chop the sprouts and bacon before crumbling the chestnuts and adding the lot into the sausage meat ready to be mixed up shaped and grilled.

They came up with the idea after the success of their ‘breakfast sausage’ which hit their Bobby’s Bangers stall in Oldham, Greater Manchester – complete with black pudding, beans and mushrooms.

The couple make around 300kg of sausages at their abattoir in Oldham, Greater Manchester, each week and sell up to 2,500 at their modest market stall. They are already thinking up ideas for some special New Year ‘detox’ sausages.

Mr Taylor, from Royton, said: ‘I suppose you could say we’re like the Willy Wonka of sausages – we’re always trying out new things.

‘At the moment we’re selling around 2,500 sausages a week at our market stall and at the Christmas markets. They’re going like hot cakes.

‘A lot of kids say they don’t like sprouts – well these are a good way to make sure your kids get some of their five a day this Christmas.’

The couple, who have been married for four years, live with Mrs Taylor’s two children Oliver, 18, and Jessie, 17, as well as their a daughter, Matilda, one.

Mr Taylor said: ‘We had a butchers shop before this for 10 years but decided to move over to markets full time two years ago and it’s gone massive from there.

‘We used to make them for the butchers but Heather thought that it would be great to move from the shop to the local market because it was always so busy.

‘We’ve closed the shop now to concentrate on the sausages because they have completely taken off recently. The kids help us on the stall too; it’s a proper family business.’

Full story: here

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