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Bucknall Banger

Bucknall Primary recently had all pupils making a great british sausage.  In their words:
We used 100% british pork belly, bread and salt & Pepper as in all our recipies but then the children got to customise there own.
Some of our favourates included Alex’s TNT Banger, loaded with chillis, and a very delicious Apple with Garlic and Rosemerry Sausage.
All pupils blended the bread to make breadcrumbs, sliced any ingredents and hand mixed it all together with the pork belly.
We used natural skins, made from intestines, Tyler and Michael were surprised how strong they were and even had a tug of war to see if they could snap it.
All children used the machine to fill the skins and then had a go at tying them.
Emily Dixon was fantastic at this (but everyone else thought she was cheating as she lives on a farm and this must give her the advantage).
The pupils then made pink lemonade and strawberry ice cream (also from scratch) to accompany their sausages.  In the afternoon we cooked them up and had a great British feast!


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