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Buccleuch Pork, Chilli and Honey

An absolutely first rate sausage which we were very impressed with and would highly recommend.

Buccleuch Pork, Chilli and Honey

These sausages arrived by TNT courier before midday and, unlike some we have reviewed, arrived still frozen giving us the option of keeping them for longer if necessary.  Unusually the box carrying the sausages was easy to open and the sausages very well packed.

Buccleuch says: Full of flavour, these plump pork sausages are made even tastier by adding pure golden honey and hot crushed chillies to create a taste of the exotic. says:These sausages are absolutely first rate.   They cooked perfectly with minimal shrinkage and tasted absolutely sensational.  Often with pork and chilli we have found the chilli to be a little over-powering, not so with these fine sausages.  The honey offset the chillies perfectly.  We would  highly recommend these sausages and were extremely impressed by the quality and the complimentary flavours of honey and chilli.

Beef and Rabbie’s Burnie Mustard

This is a fiery recipe inspired by Scotland’s greatest literacy hero, Robert Burns.

This  chilli infused mustard and finest beef sausage is not for the  faint-hearted; its  special blend of spices and garlic make it a hot favourite.


£10.40 / KG

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