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British sausages face being banned in EU after Brexit

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British meat makers have been warned that they could be blocked from selling sausages to EU countries after Brexit.

The possible ban on sales stems from the need for a certificate to sell animal products – but no license exists for ‘meat preparation’ products.

Farmers and manufacturers are concerned that unless Britain can negotiate an exemption before the transition period ends in December this year, they could face a major loss in sales in Europe.

The certificate means that when anything is added to meat brought in from outside the EU it is subject to strict regulations.

David Lindars, the Technical Operations Director of the British Meat Processors Association, told that it was ‘not possible to get around any of it’.

He said meat producers could send the products frozen but that would be far too costly for many businesses, calling on the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to act.

According to The Times, that means around £17 million worth of sausage meat, uncooked burgers and other products including mince could be blocked at the border.

The widely unforeseen fall out from Britain’s departure is also expected to impact Northern Ireland – despite the government suggesting there will be frictionless trade across the Irish Sea.

Andrew Opie, Director of Food & Sustainability at the British Retail Consortium, added: ‘The Protocol on NI/RoI means Northern Ireland will align to EU food regulations. Without a comprehensive new trade deal, this will involve the same food hygiene checks on goods arriving from Great Britain as are currently applied by the EU to Third Countries.

‘Beyond the transition period this could present significant problems for retailers supplying stores in Northern Ireland, not least from the burden of extra paperwork and red tape required with every truck.

Full story from The Metro

I would love to hear your views, please leave a comment below



  1. Baron Brexit

    According to your “press” information page “The market is worth over £737m a year!”. Your article here talks about £17m across sausages, burgers etc. Even if the whole £17m was sausages it is about 2% of the market so who cares?

  2. Eric Cornish

    When what “we” have voted for as a country really starts to become a reality I think sausages will be the last of our worries

  3. Don Stevens

    There is always the opportunity to to expand quality sausage exports to the New Zealand market. We Kiwis love a great snarler.

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