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Bill O’Hagan – An inspiration

I was sad to read that Bill O’Hagan has died.

Bill was a colourful character and one who inspired me to start my journey in the World of sausages.  Back in 2000/2001 I saw him on BBC2 in the “Blood on the Carpet” series.  The episode, Sausage Wars, showed a larger then life character doing his bit to revolutionise the British sausage.  I emailed him and got an enthusiastic response and it was this, and subsequent emails, which led to me starting

The Telegraph, where he used to work before turning to sausages full time, ran a great obituary:

On arriving from South Africa in 1970, O’Hagan fell in love with British beer but was appalled by the sausages, which since the Second World War had been filled with rusk and meat scraps to keep down costs. “They are the bin-end of the meat industry”, a butcher admitted to him.

O’Hagan began making sausages in his garage as a hobby, and selling them to colleagues while working on the paper’s late night desk. But as his fame grew in the pubs of Fleet Street and then Docklands, he smelt further opportunities.

Read the full obituary.

I also spotted a great article on a blog by a former colleague:

Bill O’Hagan, who died this week aged 68, was a fellow journalist at the Daily Telegraph in London and we worked and drank together during the 1980s.

Bill was a larger-than-life trencherman with a vast appetite for booze and bangers and a huge belly to accommodate all this. I wrote about him on my old blog when I ran a seven-part series entitled My Fleet Street Years.

Read the full post.

Sadly I never met Bill in person, but from what I heard and have read he seems like a great guy who will leave a hole in sausage making community.

Luckily his legacy will live on and you can buy his sausages here.

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