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This website is about sharing your recommendations for sausage shops, recipes, news and links with the world.  Please get in touch if you would like to share anything relating to sausages.

The sausages I found on offer in some shops in Norwich were very hit and miss.  I started back in 2001 to use the collective power of the internet to get people to recommend high quality sausage makers.  Local and then National media coverage lead to the site going from being little more than a joke to becoming the largest specialist sausage website in the World.  There are now over 1300 UK butchers and sausage makers listed and these have been recommended by website visitors.

As my knowledge of sausages grew the press referred to me as The Sausage King.  I appeared on the BBC series Best of Friends and was introduced on that programme as The Sausage King and hence the nickname stuck.

Inspired by The Long Way Down I started touring the UK’s finest sausage makers on a classic British motorbike to promote British pork and British sausages.  As The Sausage King Adventures has developed so it has diversified into visits to sausage competitions, country shows and general foodie adventures.  The bike has varied from the classic British Triumph Scrambler to the Eco-Friendly Honda CG125.  Both bikes have their appeal with the Triumph turning heads but the CG forcing more thoughtful, back-road trips around the county.

This website is an attempt to tie together the producers, news, recipes and resources from with the blogging, updates, podcasts and videos from the Sausage King Adventures.

Please let me know what you think.