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A sausage to go?

I was cruising the aisles of Marks & Spencer searching for some lunch inspiration.  Amongst the throngs of people fighting for the last of the Wensleydale and caramelised carrot sandwich I caught site of something I never expected to see on the shelves of Marks & Spencer…nasty looking sausages.

I can only assume that Marks & Spencer are selling sausages that look like this because the sausage eating Marks & Spencer customers either want to buy at a certain price point or really want cocktail sausages that look, well, err, nasty.  I don’t think that price is the key ingredient in the typical M&S shopper’s mind.  I did, of course, notice these claim to be British pork but it’s never clear how far back the British bit goes in the food chain!

Don’t think me a Marks & Spencer hater, really I’m not.  I was there looking for some cheeky treats for my lunch after all.  However, I was just surprised and it got me thinking about sausages to go.  Does anyone do a really good sausage to go?

Hopefully readers of this website can leave comments below and let me know who they would recommend for snack sausages?  I’ve tried various offerings from the supermarket hot meat counters but they have all failed to inspire.  I suppose doing a cold sausage well is even more difficult that that so maybe no retailers bother?

Please get in touch by commenting below and let me know about where I can get good sausages to go.

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  1. Andy

    Just to let you know, being a member of a team which produces M&S products, if its states British then it is 100% the real deal. There Codes of Practice are strict on this, and to be fair, so are the other major retailers.

    Cocktail sausages are very difficult to produce nowadays due to the reduction in salt levels and the tightening of retailers stances on phosphates, which helps to retain moisture therefore making them juicy and not dry.
    Producers are also working to tighter budget restraints no matter who the retailer is. It doesn’t matter if your dealing with M&S, Waitrose or Iceland the credit crunch affects everybody….

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